Wolverine The Yogi — Required Reading For My Current and Future ‘Students’


Esoterica R Us

What inspired this blog? Well, when I was younger, I felt totally alone in my experience of life and perception. The only solace I ever got was from the books I read. The stories, especially the teaching stories. The Bible, up to a certain age, and then Plato, Socrates, World Religions, Metaphysics, and best of all, fiction about Metaphysics. Things that helped me to understand the whys and hows of this strange thing called life. Now that I have understood it enough to have inner peace, I am passing it on as a service, in the same format, because I can, because the written word is my domain (I kind of still suck at embodiment), and because it might be beneficial for certain kinds of people. Kindred spirits.

So this blog is Integral. Here, I keep the magical, mystical, agnostic, zen, Buddhist, esoteric content going. Yet, I address the material world. It’s a critical thinking engagement.

There’s also this thing about articulating one’s thoughts. It’s like teaching a class or giving a speech; by the time one is done with the articulation, one understands the material in a new way, a better way. And when friends challenge each other in respectful, discerning debate, we all sharpen our understanding of what’s still muddy or assumptive, and we get wiser. Hopefully more compassionate too.

So that’s why this blog. I’ll keep writing whatever I want (updating it, owning it, and saving it) for the rest of my life, however long that is. It would be nice to be able to make a proper living, given that I’ve dedicated (and sometimes risked) my life to actually learn what I teach. Therefore, I ask for donations. Contact me if you’d like to donate to help support my work. Until I automate that, please contact me at fushin@mondozen.org to donate.

I hope, if you’re still reading, that you’ll grant me the honor of sharing my content publicly, especially on LinkedIn and also Facebook and other social media. Your attention, and the attention of your respected colleagues, family, and friends, is my precious start-up currency. Your appreciation is my motivation. You caring about this material matters to me. Good karma for everyone.

Parting thoughts: Money doesn’t grow on trees, but food, clothing and shelter and families do. Everything we need surrounds us! It’s all already here, but we have to notice is. Something blinds us from understanding the richness of our true resources in this very moment. Our attention is our most precious asset! Guard your attention, keep your balance, treasure your focus, stay sane, hold the center. We need each other. Let’s treat each other well.

About my email inbox: fushin@mondozen.org. The site an mailbox is owned by Junpo Denis Kelly Roshi, 84th Patriarch of the Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen Buddhist Lineage. It’s maintained by Reishin who makes fun of me if the mailbox is full of silliness. Please keep my mailbox (and your comments on this site) clean and respectful. Playful is great.


FUSHIN (Rich Heart) Evangelia Hermogenes