Water — Precious, Finite, Stolen

Water, anyone? Mu ha ha ha.The movie ‘Tank Girl’, featuring an anti-heroine who fights a mega-corporation which controls the world’s water supply, was a pretty strange little cult sci-fi flick in 1995. It only held the public’s interest for a week in Westchester County, New York, where it was quickly replaced by another feature. Either that, or the movie revealed too much about somebody’s agenda regarding the control and scarcity of drinking water in the future. For, in this movie, keeping down water supplies was intentional, as a means of population control, just as it was in the 2011 animated film, Rango.

This is not an accusation that politicians and businessmen are deliberately destroying our water supplies. But they are destroying our water supplies, by placing priority on power, money and business over people, the biosphere, and the welfare of the world community. It’s ironic that we’re mounting campaigns to bring running water to African villages, while in Michigan, people who can’t pay their water bills are getting their tap water shut off.

Isn’t access to potable water a basic human right?

Isn’t that why our sophisticated nation has organizations that go to provide it for people in less-organized countries

And then there’s California. Not only does California produce more than half of the country’s vegetables, fruits and nuts, it’s also the number-one dairy state, the number-two cotton state and it produces nearly 50 percent of the nation’s flowers and nursery products. This must be why a certain politician (Mr. Boehner) has been promoting controversial measures. But instead of persisting in short-term views and solutions, politicians should be more strategic and long-term in their thinking. A little more logical and scientific. What about taking Nestle and Arrowhead water to task, who are guilty of sourcing their water from mega-Drought-stricken California?

Instead, our Speaker says, “How you can favor a fish over people is something the people in my part of the world would not understand.” Thanks, Mr. Speaker, for displaying to the world how ignorant your constituency is. It’s an ecosystem. Ecosystems are complex. You don’t just sacrifice one part of the ecosystem to solve a problem in a supposedly more important part nearby. That’s not a fix, it’s a patch. A patch that’s ignorant of systemic consequences. Politicians are making scientific decisions they cannot even comprehend.

These are the leaders of the most powerful nation in the world, readers. This is what we should be afraid of, not whatever the media is fixated on at the moment. How do we remove from power those who are clueless and careless? How do we cultivate critical thinking in our schools? How do we replace guns with musical instruments and art supplies? Anger and frustration can be expressed in ways much more satisfying and progressive than murder of objectified human beings, when people are taught how to channel their anger and difficulties into creativity.

As for doing our parts, we can save and reuse gray water. When taking a bath or shower, one idea is to save the accumulated water in buckets (cat liter containers, watering cans) for reuse in watering plants and housework. Turn the water off while brushing teeth. Be aware, keenly aware of your own water use, how precious water is to us, how people are trying to control it, and how fracking could mean scarcity of water throughout the United States.

Be vocal, be active, speak up and make yourself heard to your senators, representatives, employers, coworkers, family, and friends. Be an influence to make the world saner. Stop caring what people think about you let them worry what you think about them. Be the bigger person.

Let’s bring intelligence and compassion back into fashion.

(originally published in The Examiner in 2012)

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One thought on “Water — Precious, Finite, Stolen

  1. Hi Eva,

    I have not yet had a chance to read your articles…however…I will say I am overjoyed to see that you are writing and sharing you view and wisdom.



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